Wedding Dress Preservation


If we find any major repairs on your dress/gown you will be contacted prior to the work being done to approve any additional cost for repairs.

Curts Cleaners Preservation Process:

1. Print and complete our Wedding Dress Cleaning Form. (Fill out all information in case we need to reach you for any questions.)

2. Inspect your dress for repairs or stains. If you know what the stain are, please note the cleaning form.

3. Enclose your dress, cleaning form, check or credit card payment or by PayPal on our website in a box and ship using the label provided at the bottom of the cleaning form.

4. When your wedding gown arrives at our cleaning facility it is thoroughly inspected for stains and repairs and compared to you form.

5. Your gown is then hand cleaned along the hem, neckline and underarms.

6. Stains and spots are specifically treated to gently remove them from your gown. Any "sugar" stains are specially treated.

7. Your wedding gown is then individually cleaned - a special process / chemical is used to keep your gown from yellowing.

8. A thorough re-inspection then takes place - if any problems remain the gown is re-cleaned.

9. Any needed minor repairs are made. (minor repairs are done free - we will contact you if there will be any additional cost)

10. Your gown is then individually steamed and hand pressed.

11. The gown's bodice is shaped and put on an acid-free cardboard bust form for display.

12. The bodice and skirt are layered with acid free tissue paper.

13. Your gown is then carefully placed in an acid free windowed display box and completely sealed to keep out insects and humidity.

14. The display box is placed inside a white storage box and shipped back to you!

And now your wedding gown preservation can be done for less than you'd pay to have it dry-cleaned.


What are you doing with your gown after your wedding? Get it cleaned and preserved right away to prevent collecting dust, turning yellow

and stains becoming a permanent part of your dress.
You or your parents made a significant investment is this precious keepsake. Keep it in great condition to be able to hand it down or wear it again to renew your vows. Every bride needs - "Gown Preservation"!

My name is Curt Hopkins, Owner of Curts Cleaners & St. Vrain Cleaners in Longmont, Colorado. I have personally been cleaning and preserving wedding gowns as a part of my cleaning business for over 30 years. It would be a pleasure for us to clean & preserve your Wedding Dress.

All gowns and accessories will be treated with anti-sugar treatment preventing the gowns from turning yellow over the years. Gown Preservations are guaranteed for at least 20 years. Gown preservation service is done on site at our Longmont Cleaning Facility. I supervise or clean each wedding dress personally, so that I can insure it is completed to my high standards. We know and remember each Dress We Clean!

We charge $114.95 with FREE Ground Shipping back to your location anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.
An extra charge may need to be added for shipping to other locations.

We use (perc) cleaning solution. In my opinion it is the best cleaning solution around and it will not harm your dress. We are different than most cleaners, if you would like us to use a Green Cleaning Solution we will be happy to accommodate this request, however I feel that "perc" provides a better cleaning.

Protect Your Dress

What you get from Curts

The Cleaning Process

1) Complete cleaning as well as minor repairs.

2) Cleaning for additional accessories at no extra charge (Accessories that can be included are Veil, Train, Hat, Jacket, Shawl, Cape, Duster, Ring pillow, Money bag, Purse, Hankerchief, Gloves, Garter and Scarf).

3) Free Deluxe Shipping Container.

4) Free Wedding Dress Preservation box.

5) Free shipping back to your Home or Work.

6) Our standard cleaning service will take 10-14 business days for the entire process after the gown is received. If you need it faster, that can be arranged and in most cases for no additional charge